What is a Boutonnière Deformity?

A Boutonnière deformity is the result of an injury to the central slip, which is the tendon that straightens the middle joint of your finger. The result is that the middle joint of the injured finger cannot straighten, while the end joint bends back into hyperextension because of the force placed on the tendon creating the deformity. Unless this injury is treated promptly, the deformity may progress, resulting in permanent deformity and impaired function.

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What is Radial Tunnel Syndrome?

Radial tunnel syndrome is a condition where the radial nerve is compressed in the forearm at a particular area known as the “arcade of Frohse” This area is approximately 5cm from the elbow on the lateral side of the forearm. The radial nerve is one of the main nerves in the arm which supplies sensation and motor control of the extensor muscles of the fingers, wrist and upper arm.