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Here we take a look at three simple techniques to help reduce scarring after recovering from a wound on the hand.

Once your sutures have been removed and your wound has healed, there should be beautiful new pink skin visible. This is the perfect time to start improving the appearance and mobility of your scar.

The skin on the hands is very different to the rest of our body and a scar on this area actually has the ability to tether down and attach itself to tissue underneath the skin.

A scar can take 6 or more months to fully mature (turn pale or white). During the first 3-4 months it is important to perform the following:

1.Regular scar massage: massaging your scar once the wound has healed can help reduce scarring. Using a number of techniques including circular motions, rolling the scar, massaging up and down the scar and next to the scar can help ensure the scar tissue does not tether to deeper tissues.

how to reduce scarring2. Silicone: Silicone garments can assist with the maturation of the scar by flattening the scar and keeping it pliable. Using silicone at night and massaging during the day is the most effective program to keep the scar soft, supple and flat.

3. Use sunscreen: The use of sunscreen on new scars is important to avoid discolouration of the scar. New scars are more susceptible to being burnt and changing colour.

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