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Here we run through three different sets of elbow exercises to help improve strength & mobility. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

Your elbow joint is made up of three bones, the humerus, ulnar and radius. Together they allow bending/straightening and rotation of the forearm.

An elbow injury can cause swelling, pain and reduced range of motion. Elbow exercises can help to improve your movement and strength. Your hand therapist can tailor an exercise program that is appropriate to your injury and to your needs.

Active exercises involve using your own muscles to move your elbow:

Elbow excercises

Active assisted exercises involve actively contracting your muscles with assistance from another device or gravity:

elbow exercises

Strengthening exercises help to increase your power to move your elbow through a better range of motion:
elbow exercises

If you have any questions regarding elbow exercises, arm pain or any condition you have, or to book an appointment, feel free to contact us here. We’d be more than happy to help.