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What is jersey finger?

Jersey finger is an injury to the FDP tendon in the finger. It is common in sports like AFL or rugby when a player attempts to grab another’s jersey with the tips of their fingers, but the jersey is jerked away.

Jersey finger is a common term to describe the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP) tendon avulsing from the distal phalanx. It is common in sports such as AFL or rugby.

The FDP tendon is a flexor tendon on the volar surface of the hand that bends the tip of the finger. It can be pulled off from the bone when a finger gets caught in a jumper or jersey and is jerked against resistance. This type of injury requires surgery. It may not be painful but does require prompt surgery to ensure the best outcome.

Treating jersey finger with a hand therapist

Post-surgery, therapy will commence. A dorsal blocking splint protects the repair from being under tension and pulling apart. Graded exercises are provided to ensure a controlled stress is applied to the tendon to promote glide and tendon healing.

Your hand therapist will also address swelling, wound/scar management and strengthening once appropriate.

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