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As hand therapists, we are constantly trying to find motivating and fun therapy modalities that serve a functional purpose in the rehabilitation of our patients.We have recently purchased a number of Danish Inimove tools, which provide an opportunity to progress our rehabilitation approaches for people with wrist and hand conditions.

These devices are challenging because they provide an unpredictable movement, which improves proprioception, fine motor skills, coordination and concentration.

Hagert (2010) stressed the importance of training proprioception of the wrist for people with wrist injuries, and this tool provides an ideal progression to our current strategies. Further, test results (Broenderslev Neuro Rehabilitation Centre) demonstrate that the Inimove tool has contributed to improvements in coordination, strength and control in stroke patients after 4 weeks of training.

Inimove in actionSo far we have used the Inimove tools on a number of patients, with a variety of conditions. These conditions included wrist fracture, little finger PIP joint dislocation, base of thumb arthritis, and following surgical repair for ulnar sided wrist instability. All patients agreed that it was a challenging and motivating tool. Have a look at our Facebook page to see the Inimove in action.

Feel free to ask your hand therapist at Macquarie Hand Therapy or Pacific Hand Therapy whether they feel using the Inimove would improve your results.


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Hagert, E. 2010. Proprioception of the wrist joint: a review of current concepts and possible implications on the rehabilitation of the wrist. Journal of Hand Therapy. Jan-Mar; 23(1): 2-16