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Here we take a look at how to prevent common injuries associated with playing netball, such as an injury to the volar plate ligament.

For a non-contact sport we see a lot of netball-related finger injuries! This is most commonly caused by the ball hitting the end of the finger, which forces the finger into hyperextension, sustaining an injury to the volar plate ligament at the front of the middle joint.

Sometimes the ligament is just strained, other times the ligament pulls off a small piece of bone. Simple jarring of the finger generally resolves within a couple of days but if you have severe pain, significant bruising and/or loss of motion it is recommended you seek medical attention. Earlier treatment allows for earlier recovery and return to sports.

Common Treatments

Splinting – your therapist will be able to assess your finger and determine what type of splint or buddy taping is appropriate.


Exercises and Recovery

Range of motion exercises, swelling management, and graded strengthening exercises are all important parts of the rehabilitation process.


Strapping the finger in a figure 8 fashion and taping to the adjacent finger can help to prevent re-injury once you return to Netball.

If you’re suffering from a netball-related injury, get in touch with us today, we would be more than happy to help you on the road to recovery and so you can get back on the court as soon as possible.