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Hand Writing Assessments for Children 

Despite learning in the digital age with laptops and iPads, handwriting is still an essential part of learning. Being able to write legibly allows your child to communicate their knowledge during exams and when they step into the workforce.  

Messy handwriting can be affected by numerous factors. These include:

  • Language deficits
  • Visual, spatial and/or fine motor issues affecting their coordination
  • Environmental factors (eg. sitting posture, size of pencils or pens and desk set up)

Most children with messy handwriting only require changes to their pen grip style or other environmental factors to improve their handwriting. 

Who needs a Formal Handwriting Assessment?

If your child has a medical condition or learning difficulties that affects their language, visual perception or fine motor coordination, they may benefit from a handwriting assessment. The handwriting assessment used is the Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH). 

Handwriting assessment will look at: 

  • Handwriting speed  
  • Organisation of the writing (eg. adherence to lines, size of writing and spacing between letters)
  • Environmental factors (eg. pen grip, type of pen or pencil used, posture, paper positioning) 

How a Hand Therapist can Help 

A Hand Therapist is qualified in assessing and treating different conditions of the hand and upper limb. Some hand therapists have undertaken extra study to assess and treat children with handwriting problems. They can provide exercises and strategies to help your child improve their handwriting. If required, they are also able to provide letters for your child’s school to allow extra time during exams.

We’re here to Help, at Hand Therapy

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