Wrist and Finger Strengthening


Rolling ball in circles




Gripping putty into fist





Lift little finger up straight




Resist sideways movement of little finger



Wrist Stability Exercises


Wrist Stability. Hold theraband tightly with

unaffected hand. Push affected hand forwards


Hold theraband next to thigh. With thumb

facing the ground move arm up to the side

keeping your elbow straight



Hold theraband with other hand near

shoulder, push theraband across body



Hold theraband up towards opposite shoulder.

Push hand down and out away from body






Hold theraband near shoulder. Push

hand towards ceiling





Forearm Strengthening


With forearm supported, lift wrist up

with weight in hand




Slowly lower wrist down with weight in hand





Dart Throwing motion




Slowly lower half filled water bottle




Supination. Turn palm up with no resistance




Apply tension to theraband with other hand




Keep elbows tucked next to body and turn

palm up against resistance



Hold slosh stick above shoulder with elbow

bent. Keep balanced



Hold slosh stick next to body. Keep balanced







Supination. Hold broom with brush

towards the ground



Turn palm upwards




Hold broom with brush near ground







Keep elbow next to body and turn palm down






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Wrist Forearm Strengthening Exercises