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Your fibreglass cast is lined with a waterproof cast liner. This allows you to continue bathing and swimming, however it is important to rinse your cast with water to remove any chlorine, salt, dirt, or other substances.

  • Your cast should be rinsed daily with fresh water, to reduce odour, itchiness, and irritation.
  • Your cast will dry by evaporation and contact with air. You may towel off excess water, but do not cover the cast while it is drying.
  • Never insert any object into your cast.
  • Do not trim the exposed edges of the padding as they protect your skin from the rough edge of the cast.
  • Heavy lifting or manual work may damage the cast and result in cracking or breakages
  • Be aware that your swelling may go down and the cast begin to feel loose. If you notice any movement within the cast, discomfort or increasing pain, please notify your hand therapist.

Please notify us immediately if:

  • the cast feels too tight or too loose
  • you are aware of pressure areas within the cast
  • you are aware of increasing pain at the fracture site
  • you notice numbness or ‘pins and needles’



Straighten fingers and stretch thumb





Gently make a fist, bringing finger tips down to touch cast





Oppose thumb to each finger tip (within the limits of the cast)





Turn palm down, then up, while keeping elbow tucked into waist





Bend then straighten elbow





Reach hand behind back





Reach hand behind head




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Waterproof Cast Instructions