What causes a volar plate injury?

The volar plate is a ligament which sits at the front of the middle joint. Volar plate injuries occur when the finger is hyperextended eg. catching a ball. The ligament can pull off by itself or with a piece of bone called and avulsion fracture.

What are the symptoms?

Volar plate injuries result in pain and swelling at the middle joint and difficulty with bending and straightening the finger.

How is a volar plate injury treated?

A splint will be fabricated to prevent the finger from extending fully at the middle joint to allow the ligament to heal. This will need to be worn full time for 2-3 weeks but straps can be removed for exercises.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, your treatment may include:


Your hand therapist will create a unique treatment plan to address and help relieve your current symptoms. The goal is always to both give you relief from any pain and discomfort, create optimal conditions for the tissues to recover, and then teach you how to put the right measures in place to reduce the likelihood of your condition recurring.