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What causes ulnar sided wrist pain?

Twisting type injury of the wrist under load, with/without a fall on outstretched hand


  • Local tenderness and pain in wrist, worse with rotation
  • Aggravated by repetitive or prolonged gripping of the hand or twisting of the wrist under load








How is ulnar sided wrist pain treated?

Activity modification, relative rest, taping or splinting and graduated strengthening.

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  • Exercises aim to promote conscious joint control, to regain smooth, balance and pain free motion
  • Exercises should not  be painful. If they are, perform in a small range of motion or do fewer repetitions













Your hand therapist will create a unique treatment plan to address and help relieve your current symptoms. The goal is always to both give you relief from any pain and discomfort, create optimal conditions for the tissues to recover, and then teach you how to put the right measures in place to reduce the likelihood of your condition recurring.