Flexor tendons are cords that connect muscles to bone. The flexor tendons run from the elbow and attach onto the palm of your fingers and thumb. They help to bend the finger and thumb in daily activities such as holding onto a bag, buttoning shirts and writing.  

What are common causes of Flexor Tendon Injury?

Flexor Tendons are most commonly injured via a traumatic accident, such as cutting with a knife, blender or power tools. Injuries can also occur from sport when the finger is caught on someone’s clothes, namely a “Jersey Finger.”  

What are the symptoms?

  • Unable to bend the tips of your fingers or thumb
  • Bleeding, pain and swelling (if the hand was cut with a sharp object)

What treatment is there for a Flexor Tendon Injury?

Surgery is required for the treatment of a Flexor Tendon Injury to reattach the tendons. Your Hand Surgeon will notify you when you are required to attend hand therapy, usually within 2-3 days after surgery date.  

Hand therapy treatment will include wound management, fabrication of protective forearm splint, swelling management and range of movement exercises if appropriate. Hand therapy is crucial for rehabilitation after surgery to ensure your hand has the best outcome.