Dupuytren’s Contracture results in the inability to straighten fingers.


Inability to straighten the fingers due to nodules or cord in the palm or in the fingers.

How is Dupuytren’s contracture treated:

Surgery is considered if the fingers have contracted towards the palm and you are unable to place your hand flat on the table. It is important to have a consultation with a hand surgeon to discuss whether surgery is appropriate for you.

For those who proceed to surgery, you will require post-op hand therapy to maintain the improvement in motion achieved.  This will involve appropriate dressings, night splints, massage and silicone products to reduce scar adherence. You will be provided with specific exercises to help regain a full fist, while maintaining your improvement in straightening the fingers.

Custom made night splint

Scar care and coban for swelling

Exercises to regain a full fist

Your hand therapist will create a unique treatment plan to address and help relieve your current symptoms. The goal is always to both give you relief from any pain and discomfort, create optimal conditions for the tissues to recover, and then teach you how to put the right measures in place to reduce the likelihood of your condition recurring.