Hand Writing Assessments for Children 

Despite learning in the digital age with laptops and iPads, handwriting is still an essential part of learning. Being able to write legibly allows your child to communicate their knowledge during exams and when they step into the workforce.  

Messy handwriting can be affected by numerous factors. These include:

  • Language deficits
  • Visual, spatial and/or fine motor issues affecting their coordination
  • Environmental factors (eg. sitting posture, size of pencils or pens and desk set up)
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You may be referred to see a ‘hands physio’ or hand therapist after an injury. Do you know what makes a hand therapist different to a general physiotherapist or occupational therapist? Let’s take a look.  

What does a hand therapist do?

A hand therapist, or practitioner in hand therapy, is a qualified occupational therapist or physiotherapist who specialises in treating hand, wrist and upper limb injuries. Hand therapists have further gained their knowledge in the anatomy and rehabilitation of the upper limb by attending courses, clinical experience and self-directed study. 

How can a hand therapist help?

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